Definition of Wabi Sabi Dogs:

Wabi Sabi: Japanese term for the beauty of imperfection

Jesse: Oct 21 '97 - Sept 2, 2010Nicholas: June 22, 1996 - July 1, 2012Bougie: Mar 28, '98 - Aug 30 2011

A Wabi Sabi Dog is any dog and every dog.

The dogs’ groomer asked me one day how it is my dogs live so long. I got to thinking about that and so far have come up with:

  1. Martin Goldstein’s The Nature of Animal Healing – my best reference...
  2. Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda – the ancient science of health and well-being...
  3. The food they eat...
  4. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy...
  5. Surroundings and the serenity of nature...

It goes without saying that our veterinarian - and I can't say enough about Dr. Steve - and our exceptional groomers, Stephanie and Wraygan, were a big part of the dogs' lives and health.

Bougie: Mar 28, '98 - Aug 30 2011This site is a tribute to my dogs, standard poodles, Jesse and Nicholas and more recently, Bougie, a beautiful blonde Bouvier. Jesse was my very first dog of my own – a near perfect girl. She came to me at twelve weeks old. She died September 2, 2010. I’m still grieving and I know I’ll miss her forever.

Nicholas came second, a companion for Jesse. He was two. He’s a sweet old gentleman now.

And Bougie, a Bouvier des Flandres, became part of the family in October, 2010. She wasn’t well and had multiple problems. She died in August, 2011, at the age of thirteen but we’d resolved her health issues and she had ten good months with us. We dearly miss this wonderful, sweet girl.

The plan for this site is to help us all learn. I’m still so sad when I think of how some dog owners (and dog lovers) reprimand their pets for curling their lips when getting a tummy rub. They think a curled lip is a sign of aggression. Well, yes, but you must read the situation. It’s a sign of pleasure when their stomach is scratched. I remember how much pleasure Jesse got from a tummy rub and she showed it in her expression. I’d think up these scenarios wondering if someone else had owned her and punished her for that, she wouldn’t know what she did wrong. And that’s when I’d get sad.

So let’s share our dog-raising experiences – yours and mine – to better the dogs’ (and our) lives. Who knows what direction it will follow? Let’s find out. (P.S. This is a work in progress. Sorry for the blank spots.)