We happened on Ayurveda many years ago and quickly came to realize how effective it was and how much sense it made.

First, the science of Ayurveda doesn't change with every new research study or with vested interests. Of course, it's 4,000 years old. Well established.

I'm writing this excerpt only from my own perspective and not from a seat of authority. We all know Western medicine works well for some but not for others with the same malady. This is understandable from the Ayurvedic point of view. In the West, the disease dictates the treatment. In Ayurveda, diseases would be treated differently, depending on the person's "constitution". (This is in quotes because the right word is dosha.)

The goal is to balance the body so healing can take place. A body in balance will fight for itself. We all know that everyone has cancer cells but not everyone gets cancer, because the body is a fighter. "You get me in balance" it says, "and I'll try my best to do the rest."

It always amazes me the amount of information an Ayurvedic physician gleans through pulse diagnosis. They read three pulses in each wrist and tune in to all organs and other parts of the body to determine our health status.

We're all a combination of three doshas - sort of like constitution types. These types are called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ideally, all would be in balance but in actuality, we each have a primary and secondary one. Thus, I would be considered Pitta/Kapha, Pitta being my main dosha and Kapha, the secondary one. Health issues would be treated from this perspective.

The remedies are pure. The herbs work without side effects because their synergy has not been compromised. They haven't been torn apart in order to patent a portion, dismissing the importance of the entire medicine and its dependent components.

The Ayurvedic physician can determine, through pulse diagnosis, where the body is out of balance.

  • He or she prescribes remedies to restore balance
  • The body kicks in and fights back to get better
The very first books we read on the subject are still available on Amazon. If you search Dr Vasant Lad when you get there, his books will come up. The two we used throughout the years are: Ayurveda The Science of Self-Healing. A Practical Guide and The Yoga of Herbs.

The first one helps you determine your constitution and the things to do and foods to eat to stay balanced. The latter, offers healing herbs and their properties.

Chinese and Tibetan medicines are based on Ayurveda. Most recently we have learned of Tibetan medicine and give thanks every day for having found our wonderful Tibetan doctors who have literally saved our lives with their knowledge and their medicines. We are so very grateful.