I Got Me a Dog!

You know, I love a Standard Poodle. But any “low dander” dog would be fine (allergies in the family). I realized early on in my search that Standard rescues are not very available, but one evening on, “Chance” popped up. I emailed about him and got a call immediately from the shelter owner.

A 'What' dog? Potcake?

I can’t stop thinking about Tula. She’s a Potcake dog. I thought I knew a lot about dogs but I’d never heard of a Potcake.

I’ve been without a dog now for three months and like dog lovers all over, I can’t stay off the rescue sites in spite of a determination to take a breather from dog care, in order to travel and also to simply not feel guilted into foregoing errands and lunches and so on. (You know that sad look at being left.)

Common, Deadly, and Too Little Known...

Common, Deadly, and Too Little Known: Bloat in Dogs

Written July 10, 2009; posted November 20, 2012

(Information purposes only. I am not a vet :)

Your options are euthanasia or surgery – if you catch it in time. It is a medical emergency called canine gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), commonly known as bloat.