October 21, 1997 – Sept 2, 2010

Remembering "Sassy Girl" Forever

When my grandson was learning to talk, he said “Sassy” for Jesse. For me, the name stuck. My memories of her are abundant but some things stand out: How she sat on the couch, front feet on the floor and looked back and forth at us as we chatted. When we spoke to her, she’d twist her head from side to side. She was so engaged in our conversation, you’d think she understood our words.

Jesse was a happy dog. My son called her a Dr Seuss dog, as she galloped past us, head turning to look at us with a big happy grin and ears flopping. I was always sorry I couldn’t get a picture of what I called her Donovan Bailey look – do you remember the video clip of him winning the Olympic gold, running by at the end of the race, grinning at the camera? That’s how she looked.

I think of her every day.