Electromagnetic Light Therapy

I first heard about light therapy when I started talking with Dan Sumerel at an Egyptian Arabian horse event in Kentucky. His enthusiasm was contagious and that’s how I got started. I quickly realized the benefits could be more far reaching than just for the horses.

Jesse had had cruciate ligament surgery when she was two years old. I used the lights on the area daily and remember the vet being surprised at how fast she’d healed. (I’d not told him I was using light therapy – figured he’d pooh-pooh it.)

Since then, the lights have been my “go-to” for all manner of issues. A friend and colleague had been staying with me one time and she had a very painful shoulder problem. The lights were her godsend. So a couple of years later, when we were getting together for a national meeting at work, she asked me to bring the lights for her other shoulder. It’s the same with people as it is with horses – you show up for one, and you end up with a lot of interest and a lot of problems to attend to.

Seven colleagues had problems – mostly shoulders. (What is it with shoulders?) They couldn’t lift their arms above their heads. One had a back issue and one had carpel tunnel. I used the lights on each person for five minutes a day, for four days. I polled the group at the end of the week. Everyone with a shoulder issue could raise their hands above their heads. The woman with the back problem said it was better. She couldn’t believe she could sit all week – she would’ve been standing most of the time, otherwise. The one with carpel tunnel did not feel a difference.

I've had really quick responses to wrist and knee issues, also. The lights are always my first line of defence. Here’s some info about them.

Electromagnetic Light Therapy

  • Speeds healing
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves quality of life
  • Reduces treatment expense
  • Non-pharmacological
  • Simple, painless, no side effects

Light provides energy to the cells, increasing cell activity to initiate healing.

The Scanner detects bioelectrical changes in the body, pinpointing those areas (and their acupuncture points) that are imbalanced due to injuries, strains or disease.

Meagen McKerroll scanning Luke
Meagen McKerroll scanning Luke

The Light Therapy

  • Stimulates the release of ATP, the major carrier of energy to all cells.
  • Increases circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to cells.
  • Stimulates collagen production, to repair and replace damaged and old tissue.
  • Increases lymphatic system activity; relief of swelling.
  • Increases RNA and DNA synthesis to replace damaged cells more quickly.
  • Stimulates fibroblastic activity, accelerating the repair process.
  • Increases phagocytosis: the scavenging and ingesting of dead or degenerated cells. The destruction of infection and clean up must occur before healing can take place.

How It Works

All living tissue conducts bioelectric currents. A closed electric circulatory system as complex as the circulation of blood intervenes in all nervous and physiological activities.

The scanner identifies areas of aberrant energy, that is, compromised areas of abnormality and irritation in the horse’s body resulting from an insult. It shows an electrical change in tissue. A disturbance in energy flow is often the first thing to occur at an energy site – even before we see it. We can detect and correct before structural damage occurs. The lights stimulate the body to heal itself.

Both visible and infrared light have been proven beneficial in clinical healing related to pain relief, wound healing and sports medicine. The mechanism of action, although not precisely understood, is believed to be the absorption of the energy by cellular tissues. This causes the biological response of releasing healing chemicals within those cellular tissues. The frequencies used provide optimal penetration and absorption of energy.

Benefits: relieves sore backs, stiff muscles, stifle problems, tension (pre-event), tendons, hocks, arthritis, splints, suspensories, deep muscle injuries, swelling, ankle problems, dull performance. The lights provide a gentle delivery of healing wavelengths at a great energy output. The therapy is non-invasive and drug-free.

Full effect of treatment will take about 48 hours and usually 3 treatments will indicate the recovery process.

"Boosts energy to the cells and accelerates healing" (taken from Nasa News, 2000).