A 'What' dog? Potcake?

I can’t stop thinking about Tula. She’s a Potcake dog. I thought I knew a lot about dogs but I’d never heard of a Potcake.

I’ve been without a dog now for three months and like dog lovers all over, I can’t stay off the rescue sites in spite of a determination to take a breather from dog care, in order to travel and also to simply not feel guilted into foregoing errands and lunches and so on. (You know that sad look at being left.)

My internet dawdling led me to Potcakes – the stray indigenous dogs in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. The dogs are a mixed breed but have similar looks because of island isolation. People traditionally have fed them the food caked on the bottom of a pot after several reheatings – rice and peas or a variation of it, named potcake.

Sadly, the dogs have a short life span – around three years. They are considered a tourism nuisance and are shot or poisoned by the local authorities.

Apparently Potcakes have sweet, laid back temperaments. Of course they do – they’re Island dogs! They are mid-sized and resemble – well you have to see them.

Back to Tula. I spotted her on www.potcakeplace.com, a site representing a charity that works very hard to place pups in homes, and actually flies them out to destinations in Canada and USA. Tula reminds me of my first dog – not in looks because Jesse was a standard poodle. But in the direct way she looks at the camera. Jesse would look you straight in the eye and never waiver. Who blinks first? Not her.

Some might say why bring in rescues when we can’t place the ones we already have here at home. I thought about that but figured a dog is a dog. Just as a child in need is still a child in need, no matter where she lives.

I’m not sure I’m ready for another ten- to fifteen-year commitment and I’d made up my mind to adopt an older dog when the time comes. But I can’t get Tula out of my head. I’ll keep you posted.

To learn more about Potcakes, do a search on Google or click on www.potcakeplace.com. Another site with lots of information is www.snip-spayneuter.com/snipwpotmore.html


Tula has been adopted. I think they just need help updating their website, as they spend their time finding homes for the dogs. If you’d like to rescue a Potcake, go to Potcake Place. If you have a Potcake, I’d love to hear from you.