I Got Me a Dog!

You know, I love a Standard Poodle. But any “low dander” dog would be fine (allergies in the family). I realized early on in my search that Standard rescues are not very available, but one evening on Kijiji.ca, “Chance” popped up. I emailed about him and got a call immediately from the shelter owner.

I couldn’t believe he had so many qualities on my “wish list”. He was bred to be smaller than average. (My back had gotten a workout helping older big dogs up the stairs.) He was parti-coloured. I liked that look. He had his tail intact! I don’t believe in cutting tails and docking ears. (I do believe in neutering, of course.) He was three years old. Not old, but harder to place than a puppy.

The owner of the shelter said she’d had Chance for two months and couldn’t believe no one wanted him. I guess he was waiting for me!

My first opinion was that he was a little reserved, but friendly. At home, he was confused. I think he lived a sheltered life, so to speak. He ran and jumped on all the furniture. When I’d ask him to sit, he ran away and then sat, or leapt onto the couch to sit. He wasn’t house broken. I believe he lived mostly in a crate in a barn and, therefore, was allowed to relieve himself “indoors”. But he’s very smart and only had one accident – well, two – one of each kind.

He had his vet check. It did not go too well, as he snapped at the vet. I hope that was a one-off, as biting is a deal breaker. The vet said maybe he’d had a bad experience with vets. As a matter of fact, he’d just been neutred and had his shots the week before. Who knows?  We will work with him and help him through this transition period by showing leadership.

So I’ve been taking Chance out with me to get him socialized. He sat quietly at the garage when I had my snow tires put on, and enjoyed all the petting. I enjoyed the compliments about how well-mannered he was. He is also good with other dogs and loves to play, although, apparently he wasn’t always that way.

Here’s his picture. I’ll be writing more about him, I’m sure...